Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Better Sleep Sooner off to the publisher - published

After at least 3 years of getting the ideas and testing the Better Sleep Sooner strategy, I have finally finished the book.

It was my daughter Phoebe who repeatedly asked me "when are you going to write that sleep book dad?" that finally got me to sitting down and putting all my research and strategies together to get Better Sleep Sooner written.

The feedback has been brilliant and I think this is because the strategies are simple, quick, and they work effectively where many other 'solutions' struggle.

This is not a sleep 'hygiene' recipe' book; yes, it has a little of that in it and yet it is so much more. It is a book with well defined strategies that the reader can 'do' in bed. So rather than changing behaviour before bed and during the day in the hope that sleep will improve, Better Sleep Sooner has a raft of strategies that the reader can do in bed that will help the mind and body to get into the correct state for sleep.

What readers have said.

A treasure box for insomniacs and therapists!

"I am excited about Aaron's new book, a true masterpiece which will allow everybody to access sleep and relaxed states easily.
"Better Sleep Sooner" is a treasure box for insomniacs and therapists, GP's and so on working with people who simply can't sleep.
Having worked with traumatised people in our Canterbury earthquakes and feeling quite on edge myself through the many shakes we had over a period of 7 months I come to realise more than ever before how important a good night sleep is and how the lack thereof impacts our mental and physical health and general wellbeing.
It speaks for itself that while reading through Aaron's book I actually fell into the deepest sleep that I had had for a few months. 'better Sleep Sooner' will become the one book that I will want to put in every client's hands. Enjoy, relax and look forward to a substantially all over happy life."
Love and light, Barbara C Clegg (Belger), NLP Master, Integrative Coach,
Visionary. Canterbury, New Zealand.

Sleep is now negotiable!

"Better Sleep Sooner has helped me stop looking at sleep as a negotiable state. After reading the book, sleep became an achievable and natural process and now I don't even think "I hope I am able to sleep tonight".
The book is easy to follow, logical and practical. I am now in control of my sleep and as a result I have no anxiety towards sleeping, I wake up refreshed and ready to face the day.

Better Sleep Sooner Programme

"Hi Aaron
Just wanted to let you know that I am feeling so much better these days. It was a really good session and the Better Sleep Sooner Programme is working.
I certainly feel my 'unconscious' mind is in alot better shape and many other things are falling into place as well. It took nearly a week to get sleeping pattern better but I try to apply the theories you run through every day.
I went down to half a sleeping tablet in the middle of the night at first - and for the past two days I have slept all through the night with no sleeping tablets which feels absolutely fabulous. It was quite a struggle at first as I really had got into quite a deeply ingrained pattern of dependance on [Medication name] and I guess it is not easy to shift overnight but I feel I'm making good progress.

Thank you. Cheers, J. M. Auckland"