Friday, March 14, 2014

World Sleep Day

It is World Sleep Day!

I don't know if that means we are allowed to sleep all day, we should think about sleep all day or it's just a day of recognition of sleep and the issues, research and joy of sleep, to name a few.

My take on it is this: REST.

Rest during the day: day dream, power-nap, nanna nap, meditate, visualise... do what ever you can to take moments of rest so that your bucket of stress is not full when you get to bed.

Sleep works better when we take a nap, meditate, learn to relax, do some yoga, practice self contemplation... you name it.

Here is a great trick.
The mind does its things like waves on the ocean. We have mind-body rhythmns called 'Ultradian Rhythmns' and thes occur about every 90 minutes or at least many times a day. Dr Ernest Rossi in his research into mind/body healing has demonstrated that these rhythms are key to our general health and wellbeing. To ignore these messages of 'low' moments is to ignore the natural healing rhythms that occur throughout the day, which in turn creates stress and imbalance.

It is fascinating work into the mind-body connection and how simple it can be to improve your sleep and your general wellbeing.

Rest well

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