Thursday, April 24, 2014

Are your driving and 'living' drunk?

It seems to be a fact - proven by science, that if we are not getting enough sleep, we are literally becoming drunk. "After 17 hours of being awake, your cognitive and motor skills resemble those of someone who is intoxicated." New Scientist The Collection - Issue One

If you are awake for longer than 18 hours, your level of intoxication is outside the legal limits to drive. This, if you think about it, is a very interesting scenario. How many of us are running at full speed throughout the day and not finding it easy to get the 7-9 hours sleep required? 

In another study is has been found that 2 weeks of less than 7 hours sleep each night will leave us drunk. As drunk as someone with 10 - 20 mg.s of alcohol in their system. Wow!

In the US once again - no shortage of research funding there - 30% of workers get less than 6 hours sleep a night. Mmmm makes you wonder.

In the US 100,000 accidents happen a year related to fatigue.

Think of times when you have not had enough sleep and what has happened to your ability to think 'straight', it's not a good look. 

It may be time to consider either taking power naps during the day or getting to bed a little earlier at night, say 10 pm. Kick the 'media' out of the bedroom, switch all that stuff off and get is to bed to RELAX, REST, and notice what happens. 

More to come.

Rest well