Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What do you Believe about your Sleep? What if you didn't?

Its is no surprise anymore that our beliefs influence our lives. Look at the international issues at present and historically. Most of the issues we face are fueled by a difference in belief be it political, religious, environmental or personal, beliefs tend to set us on a specific and often inflexible path that excludes those with different beliefs, or at least allows for little flexibility with regards to 'conflicting' beliefs.

Why is this important? On a personal scale, the way we think and the beliefs we hold about any aspect of our lives will mean that that part of our life will be influenced by those beliefs. Sleep is influenced by our beliefs.

Example: if I believe that tonight is going to be a difficult one for sleep, then the 'state' of mind and body, the bits that will be doing the sleep, will respond do and act upon that belief. It is almost like: the belief we have generates the environment required for that belief to unfold.

Dr Bruce Lipton in his book 'Biology of Belief' discusses this influence that our beliefs have at length, to the point where it has been demonstrated that the thoughts and beliefs we have can actually influence the way our DNA are activated and how our cells are motivated.

On a day to day level, think about times when you have believed that the meeting, party or event you are going to attend is going to be uncomfortable, annoying or just plain dull. Remember what happened to your body when you started to believe that. Remember what happened to your energy levels and levels of motivation when you believed the worse.

Now think of the opposite: a time when you know or at least believe that you are going to have a good time. Notice what happens to you energy and level of motivation.

These physical changes are based on your belief of the upcoming event. The event hasn't happened yet and you are already 'creating' a physical response.

Now think about sleep.
What do you believe about tonights sleep? How do you visualise how that is going to go? Are you basing your beliefs on what happened last night and the night before?
What happens to your energy and motivation, your expectations and feelings when you hold this belief?

Now what if you decided to believe something different like, 'Well, what if I just got into bed and lay there resting?' or 'I wonder what it will be like to just wake up in the morning feeling good?' or 'I wonder how I can just relax and allow myself to rest and dream a little so that I wake in the morning feeling refreshed?'

I want you to notice that in actually fact, you don't need to believe anything. The truth is, you don't need to believe anything at all to wake up in the morning feeling great. What if you just got into bed and noticed your body resting without putting any heavy duty expectations and beliefs on it. Just Rest.

That would suggest to your mind and body that it can just relax now and let nature do its thing... you know... rest.

Rest Well