Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Best Alarm Clock I have ever seen.

For those who find it very difficult to wake up and then get up in the morning this is the answer for you.

For more realistic (and less technical options) email me today and lets see how i can help with your sleeping - or waking - issues.


Wake up when you get up... please!

After a long and passionate discussion with my wife and daughter this morning over breakfast about 'getting up when we wake up' it was on my mind all day. Because I have been working with sleep for a number of years now I have become more and more fascinated by this essential and yet still quite misunderstood part of our lives.

I was listening to the National Radio this after noon - The Panel with Jim Mora and there was discussion about new research the tells us - OMG- the obvious! And that is: How you feel when you wake up in the morning will tell you whether you had enough sleep or not. Research tells us this. Mmmm

So, I pull over and google something about research and bla bla bla and google came up with this - a very good article about sleep and getting too much, not enough etc Second paragraph into the article by Maria Konnikova

"It may seem like you’re giving yourself a few extra minutes to collect your thoughts. But what you’re actually doing is making the wake-up process more difficult and drawn out. If you manage to drift off again, you are likely plunging your brain back into the beginning of the sleep cycle, which is the worst point to be woken up—and the harder we feel it is for us to wake up, the worse we think we’ve slept."

I have been telling people about this for ages and do believe that I posted a piece of research about the fact that if we 'slumber' we may indeed invite a dose of sleep inducing pharmacology into our body leaving us somewhat wanting of energy and focus.

Enough about me. This is a great article and well worth the time.
It discusses the very real issues with sleeping (or not) against the natural rhythms of nature.

Read and share.