Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Introduction Video to Better Sleep Sooner

Welcome to Free Video Tutorial 1 for a Better Sleep Sooner.
This video is a brief introduction to give some background to the creation of the Better Sleep Sooner program... enjoy.

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

How good was that Sleep?

Sunset - Pic By Aaron McLoughlin
New sleep research considering the power of the Placebo Effect may change the way we 'choose' to think about the sleep we just had and the sleep we are going to get.

The Placebo Effect has been studied for many years and, in short, is a way of describing the idea that our beliefs can actually have a far greater impact on our body and our lives than we often give credit, so much so that some studies into the effectiveness of some drugs, (tested against sugar pills) have come up with better results from the sugar pills - the placebo. NB: Better results often being the fact that there are no side effects.

In my seminars and workshops I am often talking about our beliefs and the effect that they have on our sleep. It was interesting for me to come across this new research via Scientific American.

The details are there for everyone to read and yet for me the most interesting part was:
"The effects of perceived sleep quality were comparable to the effects of actual sleep deprivation."

Basically the participants in the research were told certain facts about their sleep that were not necessarily true, and because of these facts, the participants changed their beliefs about the sleep that were having, its quality and what that meant. Because of this miss-information, the participants stared to demonstrate behaviour that reflected this made up fact.

Wow! If this is so, then surely the opposite is also possible.

Q: How many times have you been up real late, had a fantastic time, and then have had to get up early the next morning to find that you are actually feeling quite good - and off you go into the day carrying with you some fun memories from the night before.
Q: How many times have you woken up having had only a few hours sleep and say to yourself: "Oh man, this is going to be such a bad day - I know I haven't had enough sleep!"

Heres the thing: I wonder what beliefs your could start to have that would mean you can have a great day, all the energy you need and a great sleep at night?

A few thoughts from your sleep coach.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

It's Not You So Relax!!!

Its not you!

The sleeping issue is not you and there is nothing necessarily wrong with you.

The sleep issue is a behaviour and that means, you can change it. No matter how long you have had it for.

Any issue, challenge - even physical - is behavioural. It happens on the neurological level or the cellular level, or the genetic level and that means it is a behaviour.

You are not your body as much as you are a inhabiter of this amazing 'construct' called The Body. This is a useful way of looking at the problems with sleep.

Why? Well, if I say: "I am an insomniac." I am making the problem about Me. That means I have to somehow change Me and Who I Am in order to 'fix' this problem.

If however I look deeper and notice that the Me is actually making a comment about the 'sleeping issue' and to do that it has to be looking at it from outside or inside. The Me is not the problem. If I change the way I think about this issue to a behaviour rather than a reflection of who I am, I am now able to change it... it is just behaviour.

I could then quite correctly state: "I am not an insomniac. I am 'doing' this thing called insomnia... and I can change that now... what a relief."

Just another way of looking at it.

Sleep Coach

Friday, August 8, 2014

Interesting Day at the Office

Today, I learned that I need to know so much more than I think I think that I know and that not knowing can sometimes feel like a huge disability, especially when the person in front of me wants me to change their life - good luck with that one.

To be honest it was one of those days where the perception of a colleague that "Aaron knows how to do this" - based on seeing me work on something completely unrelated to the issue that was presented - leading to a referral turned out to be - thankfully - a massive learning for me.

Think I will open a cafe. Sell coffee, play loud music - Dirty Three - Really Loud https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hx8A_iiZr0Q

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Sleep research and Better Sleep Sooner

Sleep is under the magnifying glass at the moment and a good thing too. 

Nearly 50% of people worldwide report that they experience sleep deprivation. When we consider that sleep deprivation can leave you literally drunk reducing your cognitive skills, memory and ability to 'do' stuff like drive a car... just to name a few. 
Health issues such as obesity have been related to a lack of sleep. 
"Roenneberg and the psychologist Marc Wittmann have found that the chronic mismatch between biological and social sleep time comes at a high cost: alcohol, cigarette, and caffeine use increase—and each hour of social jetlag correlates with a roughly thirty-three per cent greater chance of obesity. “The practice of going to sleep and waking up at ‘unnatural’ times,” Roenneberg says, “could be the most prevalent high-risk behaviour in modern society.”"  http://www.newyorker.com/tech/elements/snoozers-are-in-fact-losers

I could go on. It is not rocket science; when we don't get enough sleep we begin to feel bad and regardless of the research, the trick to knowing if you have had enough sleep or not is to notice how you feel when you wake up in the morning.

Here is the thing. There is a huge amount of research on the web about sleep hygiene, just do a google search and you will find all you need to know about how to improve you 'context' for sleeping, and what we now know about context and its influence on genetic activity  would suggest that context has a huge influence on our mental and emotional wellbeing. However what happens if you do it all right and yet continue to have difficulty sleeping?

Gratuitous self promotion alert!

Read Better Sleep Sooner.There is not enough information about how to change your thoughts and feelings about sleep and getting to sleep and the reason for that is: very few people know how to do it, and very few people have spent time and energy to 'model' - research and generate mental strategies - good sleeping strategies and then teach them to others. 

One strategy I am talking about for instance would be, what to do when the self-aggrandising thought demon rolls into town? Talking trash, worrying you sick and creating anxiety where ever it goes. This little demon can literally destroy sleep. 

Better Sleep Sooner helps you to tame the little demon in seconds and at the same time explains why it turns up when it does and why your belief about it could be one reason why it is ruining your sleep.

Heres a hint: when you lie down to begin the sleep process, your mind and body move into a natural healing cycle. 

There are so many ways to 'reframe' your experiences in bed and so many of them are in this book.

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