Thursday, August 14, 2014

How good was that Sleep?

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New sleep research considering the power of the Placebo Effect may change the way we 'choose' to think about the sleep we just had and the sleep we are going to get.

The Placebo Effect has been studied for many years and, in short, is a way of describing the idea that our beliefs can actually have a far greater impact on our body and our lives than we often give credit, so much so that some studies into the effectiveness of some drugs, (tested against sugar pills) have come up with better results from the sugar pills - the placebo. NB: Better results often being the fact that there are no side effects.

In my seminars and workshops I am often talking about our beliefs and the effect that they have on our sleep. It was interesting for me to come across this new research via Scientific American.

The details are there for everyone to read and yet for me the most interesting part was:
"The effects of perceived sleep quality were comparable to the effects of actual sleep deprivation."

Basically the participants in the research were told certain facts about their sleep that were not necessarily true, and because of these facts, the participants changed their beliefs about the sleep that were having, its quality and what that meant. Because of this miss-information, the participants stared to demonstrate behaviour that reflected this made up fact.

Wow! If this is so, then surely the opposite is also possible.

Q: How many times have you been up real late, had a fantastic time, and then have had to get up early the next morning to find that you are actually feeling quite good - and off you go into the day carrying with you some fun memories from the night before.
Q: How many times have you woken up having had only a few hours sleep and say to yourself: "Oh man, this is going to be such a bad day - I know I haven't had enough sleep!"

Heres the thing: I wonder what beliefs your could start to have that would mean you can have a great day, all the energy you need and a great sleep at night?

A few thoughts from your sleep coach.

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