Saturday, August 8, 2015

What About Curiosity

To me this has to be one of the most important factors for any change process.
In this video there is a little process that I use that many people have found not only fascinating, they have found it to be very effective.

Video transcription.

Listen, you know something that keeps coming up, and that  is curiosity and I love the whole curiosity discussion because there are very few people in the creative fields, in the artistic fields, in the scientific fields, Einstein, Leonardo da-Vinci, even James Dewey - the Dewey Decimal system. It's just fascinating what they said about curiosity and for me, curiosity is the leading edge really on all creativity and intelligence and it's the leading edge on making change. 

Think about this for a moment. as an older and wiser person as you are, even before yesterday or a week ago or a year ago or two weeks ago, think how differently you might do something that didn't work so well a year or two or ten years ago and think how differently you might do that now. So think about knowing what you know today and think about having an attitude of curiosity and imagine going back in time. So if you went back in time to a place where something didn't go quite well, you can't change history as such and yet we can change how we feel about that history or we can even change how we remember that history or we can educate ourselves to do something different because we change something in that history. Try this out.

If you went back to a time and you went back to just before, and not a big event. A small event, a not too significant thing and you went back to moments before that thing even happened. You'd be going back with fore warning. You'd be going back with knowledge. Now if you went back and said "wow I'm back before this even happened. It's kind of like going back in a time machine. It's like wow I'm back before it even happened. It's like wicked!" So you'd naturally have a kind of curiosity. You'd be fascinated because this is the time where that thing happened. Wait a minute! What would be different if I just walked into there with knowing what I know? [unclear 2:10] but it's still that Back to the Future thing. What would I do that's different? It's not necessarily that what you'd do or what would happen would be necessarily better or it would fix something because you know things aren't generally broken. We're not broken things, us human beings. We just do stuff, but what if I went back to just before that thing happened and just changed my attitude?

I have fore warning, I know now what's coming up and I'm not going to try to fix anything. I'm not going to make it different. What I am going to do though is I'm just going to step into that past experience or event with an attitude of curiosity and then notice what happens. What I've noticed with most people when we do this is that something different happens. Something completely different happens or something is subtly different or something "wow I didn't know that was there" happens. If that's there I can do this or maybe, wow I didn't think of that. So when we have an attitude of curiosity and we take it back in time, we're almost retrospectively educating ourselves to go into a new experience with an attitude of curiosity. What we have learned from folks like Einstein, da-Vinci, artists and musicians is that when you step into, comedians even, you step into the world with an attitude of curiosity and go "this is weird", then different things happen than the norm or useful things happen or new ideas occur. It's something to consider and it's really, really fascinating. 

Once again, the concept is what if I just stepped into that past experience with an attitude of curiosity and then just notice what happens? Now here's the beauty of it. The past is always there to learn something from so I can step into it with the attitude of curiosity and go "that was interesting" and then step back and then do it again and then do it again and again and again, but you can keep doing it until something shifts and that's the case. Something shifts, something shifts inside us and then it's done. What that can mean, it doesn't always mean it, but what it can mean is that as we go into the future, we start identifying things differently because we're no longer replicating that past kind of situation in order to try and learn from it. Our future experience can be more unique and more new and we start attracting uniqueness because we've kind of learned something or re-evaluated something from those past experiences just by having an attitude of curiosity.

Curiosity is like the prime mover. It makes things really different so give it a go. Step back into just before a past experience and then two simple things. Not something that's really, just test it out and see what you notice. Just step into that event from before it even happened and step into it with curiosity, remembering what we're really also bringing with us is an older knowledge and awareness, an older wisdom. There's a lot in there. 

Have fun!

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