Thursday, June 21, 2018

Migraine & Headache Relief Offer


So far this year has been a very busy and unusual year for me because much of it has been spent recovering from a concussion and dealing with some nasty symptoms...severe headaches being one of them...and it got me to thinking about those who regularly suffer from headaches, particularly the debilitating effects of migraine headaches...
Migraines need no introduction. They can appear without warning, can be very painful and can ruin your day COMPLETELY. Migraines can literally wipe a person out, leaving them unable to function effectively for a day or more. If you know someone with migraines you know how a migraine ‘attack’ can be so utterly debilitating.

Stress appears to be the main protagonist when it comes to getting a migraine and people with migraines whom I have worked with agree with that assumption. Many clients also tell me that a migraine can just appear even when none of the ‘stressors’ is present.

The interesting thing about pain in general and especially chronic pain is this weird thing called ‘mapping forward’. When we have experienced pain for long enough, say 30 days, the brain lays a map of potential pain into the future. This map exists so that the brain can scan upcoming situations to make sure that regardless of the context, pain can be avoided.
The downside to this mapping forward is that we have an unconscious expectation that the pain will continue and we will find ourselves literally looking for it, subconsciously. The ‘Map’ for the pain exists and therefore a much greater possibility for the pain also exists.

It appears that there is no known cause of migraines and so the accepted way of dealing with them is to try to reduce the ‘triggers’ so that they are less likely to flare up. Triggers include food, disruption of routine, stress, alcohol and caffeine, some medications, weather changes and more.
Medication, a dark room and lots of rest is the generally accepted way to deal with Migraines and yet in most cases, this form of therapy is temporary. Regardless of the causal factors, the intensity and duration, a migraine is a migraine and if we can reduce its intensity or remove it altogether, all the better.

So, how about a different approach...?

If you have worked with me before, you will be aware that curiosity plays a significant part in my coaching work and when it comes to migraines, curiosity has a curative action that I would never have imagined. You see when we attend to anything, a problem, symptom, conversation or person for that matter with an attitude of curiosity, the creative lights within us 'light up'. Unlike the active response within when fear or anxiety kick in, curiosity opens the pathways to possibility and emergence.

Time travel
Just as mapping forward works to generate the pathway for pain to exist into the future, our memory of pain, the context of that pain and how it affected our lives is active within us and so when we remember back to a recent migraine the memory is uncomfortable, in some cases just remembering a migraine can stir the feeling of a migraine.

Getting to the point - a sigh of relief I hear you breathe - curiosity arrises quickly when we experience something novel. Dr Ernest Rossi, Neuroscientist, MD, surgeon and NLP Trainer has studied the brain and the circumstance for new neural pathways or neurogenesis. He developed the ‘Novelty - Numinosum(curiosity) - Neurogenesis event’ (NNNe) as a way of understanding how we can create the environment within ourselves for rapid healing.

A New Migraine Strategy...
So bringing all this together has been a focus for me for a number of years now, and in the last few months, I have had people running the new strategy with fabulous outcomes. The strategy I have developed is quite novel and actively stimulates curiosity, followed by a measurable change in the person's experience of a migraine coupled with a reduction in the number of migraines that person experiences.
The strategy is simple and easy to practice and we can test results as we go. As well, I will teach you a few simple follow-up steps to practice at home. And… there are no negative side effects.
When you book in for The Migraine Relief Programme you'll see me(in person or via Skype) for 4 x 60 - 90 minutes appointments over 6 weeks(allowing for change, personal integration and testing). E-mail and phone call support is also included. 

usually$580offer only $435*


*4 x 60 - 90 minute appointments, completed over 6 weeks, booked and $90 deposit paid before offer end, offer ends 19/07/18.
So, if you or someone you know has ongoing challenges with migraine headaches The Migraine Relief Program may be a great option - I welcome any questions.

And of course, I'll be delighted to hear from you today to get you booked in ASAP!

Aaron McLoughlin
+64 0211675150

Dear Aaron,
To be honest I was curious how you were going to deal with my ‘incurable’ and very annoying, nearly daily headaches. What could you do?  
However, with those types of frequent headaches, I was prepared to give everything a go, you can only win and at least your method was drug-free.
And what a win it has been. What a good move it was to do something different about my headaches.
~ Wilma H.