Speaking Engagements and Training 

with Aaron McLoughlin

Some people say they would rather be down in the grave receiving the eulogy than to have to 'speak' the eulogy in front of people.

Aaron is not one of those people. Speaking about sleep and remedies for the associated challenges such as anxiety and feeling like your 'going crazy' because of a lack of sleep is something he enjoys immensely.

Recently Aaron was asked to speak and at the same time to do a little comedy at a Bahai wedding in Christchurch.
"It was a beautiful wedding and a family affair of course and because it was a Bahai wedding and I was speaking to a very mixed audience I chose to speak about the Miracle of Life - it was a blast. Here is what the bride said as she was leaving for her honeymoon...

"Hey, Aaron was just checking my emails so glad I caught you before we fly out!
Thank you so much! Tough crowd for ya but you nailed it! Brilliant :-) Everyone had a blast and thank you for your hilarious rant, totally random and suits me down to the ground."

Over the years Aaron has spoken to many different groups from many different backgrounds and continues to receive positive feedback about the content and the delivery, (one has to 'blow' ones own horn' now and then!)

"I did blow my horn a little loudly 3 years back in Byron Bay when I participated (after an 8-week course) in a stint of Standup Comedy, the picture to the right. (No video, it is R18) I have to say that it was nerve-wracking and at the same time an absolutely fantastic experience."

So, if you would like an engaging presentation with some unique and useful information about the power of sleep, the importance of sleep, some research and of course useful tips, then contact Aaron today to discuss some ideas.

Call him today to make an enquiry 021167 5150


"Great seminar last Wednesday!
Great to have some practical tips to take home and apply. I'm keen for the next one"