Work with Aaron

Get your coaching online or face-to-face!

Life Coaching is an amazing process where two people get together and do one of the things that humans can do so well, that is open their minds to discovery!

If you are reading this, then you have made a move that is courageous and even if this is as far as you get (for a little while) you have taken a powerful step towards greater strength, happiness, better health and self-discovery - to name but a few. 

Do the work face-to-face
You can work with me in my dedicated Christchurch home office or...

Online Coaching
... as many people choose - via Skype, Facetime, Viber, Google-Hangouts and the outcomes are the same... feeling better and achieving more.

Here's the thing; working online can be amazingly powerful and...

  • it's easy!
  • there's no parking
  • there's no driving 
  • you can begin building your outcome or solving your challenge straight away
  • we can chat from our own 'space' anywhere in the world
  • the work we do relates to where you are
  • Broadband is everywhere (I recently worked with a man who was sitting in a cafe in Byron Bay)
  • Skype is free
  • I can write you notes and 'tasks' that you can save while we work together online
  • ...need I say more?
Your time is precious and maybe more precious than ever - it seems. Technology is making some aspects of our lives easier and more 'mobile'. Many of my clients, thanks to word of mouth, are from different parts of the globe and once our time differences are worked out, the rest is easy.  Recently my computer had to get fixed and so I ran a skype session with a client in Essex on my cell phone... it was perfect!

Get onto it now!
It's worth a thought and it means that you can get on top of your challenge, or for that matter take a new direction, resolve an issue etc sooner than later. 

Not sure?
Now skype or FaceTime may not be for everyone and yet if you are not sure, we can try it out, have a chat and just get a feel for whether it is right for you.

Email me if you want to ask a question about a web-based session, or you can Skype me on aaronmmcloughlin.