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Aaron McLoughlin
Rapid Inspired Change Coach

Coaching with Aaron McLoughlin

Many years back I was in the middle of an interview with a journalist when she said: "You know what you do?"

I replied: "Well I... " and before I could answer she exclaimed: "You do Rapid Inspired Change!"

The name stuck. Rapid Inspired Change is exactly what happens when coaching people using NLP Coaching Techniques and Clinical Hypnotherapy Strategies, and for many years I used that name for my business - even wrote a book with that title. You can buy the paperback or eBook here.

Rapid Inspired Change is NLP and Hypnotherapy based coaching and is based on the principle that the mind is in an insatiable state of curiosity and is looking for 'news' - new ways to think, feel, grow, define itself and more.

The techniques I use are based on the idea that finding out how people do things well and 'modelling' those strategies to help others, works extremely well and creates change rapidly. An example of such models would be the Allergy Release and Trauma Cure techniques, both based on many years of modelling and refining to make sure that they work well and work fast - and all based on a deep understanding about what 'works' for change.

It makes sense really that if you want to do something different in your life; first, find someone who has been where you are now and has moved on successfully. Second, use their model/s and adapt them to your needs. Third, repeat till satisfied. That is the coaching model.

When coaching I insist on a commitment to three sessions of 90 minutes. This commitment is essential in order to secure the change that you are looking for and to give greater assurance that it will last.

If you wish to discuss how Rapid Inspired Change sessions might help you or someone you care about, please phone me on (+64) 0212675150 or e-mail aaron@aaronm.co.nz.